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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Leo-vince circuit pipe for sale

Up for sale is my leo-vince circuit pipe. Its in full working order but has a few dings and scrapes and could do with a fresh coat of paint. This was my first exhaust and has a tonne of low to mid range power. I had to gear up as i was pulling wheelies off the line. This works well on stock a 50cc cylinder and also on a 70cc Airsal. The only reason Im selling is i got a Homoet pipe for more top end power.
I will give the exhaust a good clean before i post it.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Timing dials and test rides

I got a new timing dial for Xmas so i thought i would double check i had set it correctly on the Tomos. Timing set at 2mm BTDC. Next i fitted the chain and foot pegs and although it was a bit wet out i took the Tomos for its first test ride. First thoughts are that the gears on A35 change much more smoothly than the old A3 engine. I didn't take it past 30mph as the road was wet and muddy so didn't get onto the pipe but low end is about the same as the A3. I did notice a slight ignition flutter while accelerating as i may need to adjust the timing to 1.8mm BTDC.
I can't wait to get it out in the dry to see what the top end is like.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Peugeot gets a speedo!

Today i spent an hour installing an electronic bicycle computer on the vogue. This was the same as the one on my Tomos so was quite an easy job. The only difficulty using one of these on a moped is that the pickup when fitted to the forks is never close enough to the magnet on the spokes. I used a small piece of copper pipe as a spacer which solved that problem. I also mounted the number plate so the Peugeot is now ready for MOT.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Vogue tail light fixed

I had a bit of time this evening so i got the tail light working on the peugeot. I also offered up my fiberglass storage box to see how it looked. Things left to do before MOT are mount number plate and fit speedo.

Friday, 14 December 2012

New speedo for the peugeot

This is the same one that I've been using on the Tomos with good results and it was super cheap too. Will look into getting a Trail-tech in the new year.

Tomos A3 engine swap (part 7)

Today it was finally time to start the Tomos. I topped up the fuel in the tank as the carb is quite high. I turned on the fuel and it flowed into the carb so i pulled out the choke and gave it a kick. It started on the second. The revs where too high but was only the throttle cable getting caught up. All i need to do now is install the chain and foot legs and its ready for a test ride!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Rebuilding the E50!

So Sinclairio and i had the day off today so we started work on rebuilding his E50 as you can see we had the perfect set up! Just hope his wife doesnt find out we were using their living room!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Tomos A3 engine swap (part 6)

So yesterday evening i did a bit more on the A35 build. First i mounted up the old A3 stator. This will have to do until i can get hold of an HPI CDI in the new year. Next i set the timing as best i could with my old timing gauge i marked TDC with a black line and the firing point with a red dot. The A35 flywheel cover had a few bits missing so ive re-used the one from the A3 and i was surprised to find that it lined up. Next i mounted the engine back on the frame and installed the carb and hooked up the fuel line. Finally i fitted the Homoet pipe so all thats left to do now is to fit the chain and foot pegs. Hopefully it will start!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tomos A3 engine swap (part5)

After discovering that the conrod was just touching the case i split the cases again and using a heatgun removed the crankshaft. When i inspected the cases there was a slight mark where the conrod was making contact. So i used my rotary tool to remove a tiny amount of material from the case.
I then installed the crankshaft and bolted the cases together and it now spins freely!
Next i installed the gears and clutch mechanism and bolted on the right engine cover. I then attached the kickstart mechanism to make sure the engine turned over as it should. It did, so i added the correct amount of engine oil.
Next i removed the flywheel and stator from the A3 engine as i will use this stator until i can figure out which electronic ignition to get.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tomos A3 engine swap (part 4)

I spent a few hours on my last day off re-assembling the A35 motor. I rebuilt the clutches and installed the gears only to find out it would get stuck when i tried to turn it over. Long story short the base of the conrod is just catching the side of the case @#%&#!!!!!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Tomos A3 engine swap (part3)

Today I thought id do a bit more on my A35 Build. Once I had made sure that both cases were clean and free from metal shavings from the case matching I pushed in the new crank seals.

The next thing to do was install the new bearings on the Top Racing crank. I used a heat gun to get the bearings really hot so they expanded then I used a some pliers to drop them onto the crank.

Below is a shot of the crank with the bearings installed.

Next I needed to heat up the cases so the crank with bearings would fit. I then realised that I would have to remove the seals as I didn't want them to melt.

Above is a shot of the crank installed in one case with the gasket in place.

After heating up the other case I fitted them together and bolted them up. Once the cases had cooled I pushed in the crank seals from the outside.

The next thing to do was to install the gasket and then the piston on a new roller bearing.

More to follow soon!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Friday, 9 November 2012

Passola fuel system

I thought id spend some time on the second Passola and get it ready for MOT. With fresh fuel it started up and ok but wouldn't run very well.

I decided to install an inline fuel filter and fuel tap. The fuel tap is because the fuel in the tank drains out slowly over time.

I installed the tap so it would line up along the side of the bike.

So then I used a hole saw on the plastic panel so the fuel tap can be accessed from the outside.

After cleaning out the carb i cant get the bike to run. Ive tried adjusting the air and idle screw and also the needle height. I guess ill keep at it.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Mopeds at dawn pumpkin!

Nothing spookyer than a moped in the moonlight!

Second hand 103 parts

Got hold of an old 103 motor with carb and exhaust. Also a thicker 103 rear mudguard. Will use the engine for spares and fit the mudguard to replace the skinny bent vogue one. I think I'll paint it black.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tomos A3 engine swap (part 2)

After borrowing Sinclairios Deep well socket I removed the cylinder and piston from the A3 motor.

Then I offered up the Airsal gasket to the A35 cases and marked the amount to be removed from the cases with a permanent marker. I was a bit worried how close the marker came to the edge around the top so I decided I would remove all of that.

Next I attacked it with the dremel here's a shot from half way through.

And here it its is all done!!



Friday, 26 October 2012

Gurtner idle fix!

After coming across this web site:


I read that the idle pathway needed to be drilled out with a #71 jewellers drill bit. So I ordered a couple.

When the drill bits arrived they fitted in my small rotary tool. So I used the bit to drill down through the air bleed hole and through the brass fitting and out the other side creating a new idle pathway.

I tested the new idle pathway with carb cleaner and saw it spray out in the correct place so I reassembled the carb and fitted it back on the vogue.


And it works!!!

Tomos A3 engine swap (Part 1)

Today I made a start on the first leg of swapping my old A3 engine for a rebuilt A35. So first off I removed the foot pegs and the chain. I think I may buy a new chain as mine is unusually oily. Next I removed the new Homoet pipe and noted the scratches and dents in the underside from wheeling it up and down the steps to my shed. I removed the carb and tied it up in a plastic back to keep it from getting dirty. I drained the oil and then decided it was time to remove the engine so I disconnected the electrics and undid the three bolts holding the motor on.

The only problem was that the petcock was preventing the motor from swing down and off the bike. So I had to drain a full tank off fuel before removing the petcock so I could get the engine off.

So next I moved the motor over to the work bench next to the A35 cases.

I need to transfer the 70cc Airsal kit off the A3 and onto the A35 but before I do that I want to case match the A35 to the Airsal kit as I didn't do this when I fitted the kit to the A3 and it should make the A35run a bit better.

Before I did this I just thought I would check the condition of the reed in my Malossi four petal reed block. It turns out that one petal was ever so slightly open so i will need to order a new reed.

I then realised I didn't have a 10mm deep well socket to remove the cylinder nuts so I will have to pick one up tomorrow.