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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Two pairs of uprated clutch springs on their way.

2xLight springs, 2xHeavy springs will make the clutches engage later.
Thanks to Mo Peds (mopagen).



Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Amazon voucher put to good use.

M.A.D get a new ped!!!(to pull apart)

Wohooo new ped will be collected on friday!

A5 Colibri was primarily designed to replace the aging A3 Automatic. First series was presented in 1988. Everything on the moped was developed from scratch with a strong emphasis on styling and modern technical solutions. A connection between Italian designer Giugiaro and Tomos™ has been established and from this corporation a completely new bodywork and detail design emerged. On the technical side Tomos™ development team designed a new engine attached to a swinging arm monoblock, which also supports inlet and exhaust components and the rear wheel with fender. It's connected to a motorcycle-style square tube frame by a monoshock suspension.
Ergonomic and user-friendly features like the seat locking and height adjustment, helmet locking, flat foot rest, foldable turning signals, rain deflectors, grab bar and conveniently located fuel valve were also incorporated into the design. Handling was improved by wider wheel base, which made moped more stable at high speeds.

For engine spec go to http://twowheelers.tripod.com/TA5.html

Piaggio ice cream parlour

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

An investigation into my first gear clutch problems.

Ok today after a month of not doing anything to do with mopeds i decided at last it was time to investigate why my first gear clutch stopped engaging in my tomos.

So i pulled the clutch cover. I was expecting the surfaces of the clutch to have lost its coating but when i removed the first gear clutch its surface was like new.

After some further investigation i found that the clutch has three pins that keep it aligned see No.7 on the next picture.

All three of these had snapped in half allowing the clutch to spin freely.

So it turns out all i need to repair the clutch is three new ones. But where from? Hmmm..........

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Tomos Clutch repair


Busted clutch??

I went to start my ped today and it appears that the clutch is no longer functioning. The motor is running fine but the clutch isn't engaging. I'm hoping that it is just the cork coating on the clutch shoes that has warn out. If so it should be a relatively easy fix.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

So we went for ride today and..........

The puch broke down 5 times! three times the carb nearly fell off, once the back mud guard came loose and once the front came off mud guard fell off jamming up the front wheel! 
After the bush mechanic rescue was called back to Moped HQ and repairs were carried out then the ride went well. did about 8 miles i recon. oh yeh i did burn my leg on the exhaust whilst doing the rear guard repair,but was good fun.!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Phil test rides his Puch City! (VIDEO)


After lowering the carb needle one notch the bike ran way better. We also discovered that the Technigas exhaust had a big restriction on its tip. So we drilled it out and this was the result. Low end acceleration is still a little poor but the top end power is crazy!

VM-20 mounted on the Puch City

It running! But way too rich. Will have to order some smaller jets.

today hopefully cookson will be working on the pucy city, putting on the vm 20 to get some real power from the motor!
just after the re-spray

The mopeds at dawn carburettor of choice!!

Gives that tired old moped a huge kick up the arse!!!!
Going to work on Phil's Puch City this morning and hopefully get it back on the road. Fingers X'd

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I'm not sure thats a suitable riding position for long journeys.
Great little video made by the 'Tom Cruisers' moped gang.