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Friday, 31 May 2013

Tomos fork paioli yokes

I forgot to mention that the new forks had a problem that I was aware of when I bought them. The yokes had a crack in one of the clamps. But as you may remember I had recently bought some Paioli fork yokes so when I saw these forks at a reduced price I jumped at it as I only needed the fork tubes.
This morning I swapped the broken yokes for the Paioli ones which fitted perfectly. Next thing is to measure up and order a caliper.

Tomos gets new forks!

So yesterday my new pair of forks arrived for the Tomos. I found them on Ebay france. The are actually for a peugeot 103 but I can adapt them to fit. The most important thing about these forks is that they have a caliper mount for a disc brake. Im going to build this new front end off the bike and when its finished I'll install it.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Peugeot Vogue second hand exhaust

Yesterday I test fitted the second hand exhaust I bought for the peugeot believed to be a Leo-Vince pipe.
It cleared the centre stand but not the right hand peddle.
I will need to make a swinging exhaust mount and I bought a couple of heavy duty rubber mounts that I can adapt to fit.
I used a wire brush on the pipe then gave it a coat of matt black stove paint.
I think I may have to loose my right hand peddle but this is all just  temporary until my Simonini circuit pipe arrives.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tomos clip-ons & throttle assembly

I picked up these clip-ons and included throttle assembly for the new forks that ive ordered for the Tomos.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Peugeot Vogue PHBG + Adige intake

Today I fitted the 17mm PHBG Carb using the 2 petal reed Adige intake. I had to cut the engine mounting bracket so it would clear the new intake. I just need to sort out the throttle and choke cables.

More parts have arrived!

Three new parts arrived yesterday! Firstly a launch lever for the Peugeot. Hopefully I wont have to remove my peddles. I got another PHBG carb this time a smaller 17mm one as I want to use it with my stock cylinder until my kit arrives. Finally I got a good deal on this second hand exhaust for the peugeot I think its a leovince and although i already have a Simonini circuit on order you can never have too many pipes!

Puch gearing

I messed about with my chain and could only fit a 12 front sprocket on. So on the last run I had a 12x45 set up. This was amazing in the hills in the Kernow but killed the top end cruising speed, 30mph cruise 34/35 top end. I bought a new chain and installed a 14x45. This instantly added 5mph to the cruising top end. Yesterday I put a 15 on so 15x45 and hit 40mph this doesn't sound fast but on a mid range biturbo pipe and a stock 15mm Bing too end adjustments are fiddly to achieve. I'm a big guy so it's a fine balance between top end & being able to get up the hills, the hills around here are pretty big! Next will be a 16! I'm hoping this will be it cruising at 40mph and still able to cope with the hills with me on board.
The pic is making use of my house mates tressells, Nice!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Peugeot Vogue radiator & water pump

Got hold of a good radiator from a guy in france braking a 103. It came with the farings that mold to the tank and also a polini water pump ( needs a rebuild). Just waiting on the H2o kit now.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tomos rear end damage

After M.A.D run I thought id assess the damage the Tomos. First off the rear sprocket is bent so that need replacing along with the mounting bolts. The mounting holes for the sprocket on the rear wheel are deformed and beyond repair so I will need a new wheel. The flywheel and front sprocket cover took most of the force when the chain broke but I have a spare cover so not too much of a problem. Hopefully wont take me to long to get it up and running again.

M.A.D. run 3

Its been quite a while since the last M.A.D run but at last both Sinclairio and i  have running, and road legal mopeds! We decided to go bigger than the last time so the aim was to ride to Lands End and back in a big loop via the coast road.

This is our anti clockwise route. The following are shots taken on the way
So we made it to Lands End with no breakdowns or problems apart from Sinclairios numberplate almost fell off.
Mousehole harbour

We made it to Newlyn but this is when i had my first problem. The bolts holding on my rear sprocket had worked their way loose which caught on the swing arm and locked the back wheel. I had to make a road side repair and one of the nuts was completely bent. I manged to get it back together with just three bolts and we made our way to Marazion.
We stopped overlooking St Michaels Mount for an Ice cream. My rear sprocket seemed to be ok and the three remaining bolts looked tight.
On our final leg of the journey my rear sprocket finally broke loose locking the back wheel and breaking the chain.
 I used Sinclairios bike to ride the last mile to pick up my truck so we could load both bike to get us home. All in all an amazing ride and im looking forward to another one once i get my Tomos fixed or i may even use the Peugeot.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bing jetting.

Just a quick note, was up and running on my highest jet a 94, then did a short 20 mile test trip with cookson two nights ago, which I had down jetted to my next biggest a 88. Bigger jump than I'd of liked. Still really boggy top end, so have just gone out around the block with a 86 installed. So much smoother all the way through the power. Still ever so slightly backing off so will stick with it tomorrow and see. Probably take my jets with me. Fingers crossed for nice weather.


Friday, 3 May 2013

Evening ride

Last night Sinclairio and I got out on the bikes for a little ride up the coast road. We did  about five miles and neither bike had any problems. We have a longer ride planned for Sunday :-)