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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Passola & Magnum X sold

Over the last couple of day i sold both the Yamaha Passola and the Puch Magnum X. Now I've got a bit more room to work on the Peugeot and Tomos. Plus with the money from the sales I've ordered a race crank and variator for the peugeot.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Still having problems with the E50

After messing about for hours trying to get the E50 to run and idle and fixing numerous air leaks. I decided to disassemble it to find the source if the problem. The first thing i noticed when i removed the flywheel was that it had been rubbing on the lighting coil and cut through some of its windings. Im pretty sure this wouldn't stop the bike running but i will investigate further. Secondly i discovered that slot in the flywheel that accepts the keyway on the crankshaft has been elongated which may well have affected to timing. Looks like a new lighting coil and flywheel is needed.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Disassembling the 103 motor.

I bought this 103 motor a while ago to use for spares for my Vogue. I decided to disassemble it so i could use the crank case for my next build. The piston was seized in the barrel so i removed the head and filled it with WD40. Hopefully it will have freed up in a day or so.


Tomos kill switch

I bought a new kill switch for the Tomos and got it fitted and wired in.

Peugeot Vogue new SHA intake.

A new intake arrived today. It enables me to mount a dellorto SHA carb on the Peugeot. I already had two SHA carbs in the parts box a 14/12 and a 14/14. I used the best parts from each and dug out the largest jet i had (70). I will mount the intake and carb when i have a bit more time as the Peugeot is running pretty well i don't want it to be off the road for long.


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Tomos re-wiring

After my ride on the Peugeot i though it was time to do some work on the Tomos. I decided to simplify the wiring and remove the light switches so the lights are permanently on. I got rid of a tonne of wires as you can see from the before and after pictures. All i need is new kill switch.


Peugeot Vogue testing 2

Today i got out for a proper ride on the Peugeot. Before i left i fitted the stock airfilter which was missing in yesterdays test. The bike performed well and i only had to pedal asist the engine on one particularly steep hill. I didn't push the bike too hard as i thought it might still be running a little lean. When i got back i checked the plug and it looks just about right.


Friday, 8 February 2013

Peugeot Vogue testing

After fitting the new reed valve and the Tomos Leo-Vince pipe i got out and tested the Vogue. I noticed an instant increase in acceleration and a slight increase in top end. I checked the plug and Im running lean. As i don't have any jets for the stock carb i thinks its time to upgrade to a dellorto SHA.


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tomos exhaust on Peugeot Vogue

While i had the engine off i thought id have a look at the stock exhaust. Unfortunately the vogue exhaust doesn't have a screw cap like the one on the 103. So i couldn't easily open it up to derestrict it. Then i realised i still had the old Tomos Leo-Vince pipe. So i offered it up and i think it might just work. It'll need a new bracket but it even clears the pedals.

Peugeot Vogue reed valve

I had heard that the stock Peugeot reed valve was restrictive so i swapped it out for a spare from the Tomos with some new gaskets.

Peugeot 103 headlight

Today i fitted a square headlight from the parts bin as the stock headlight wouldnt fit on new wider forks.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Puch City after engine rebuild!

Sinclairio and i both had today off so it was time to get the Puch City with its rebuilt E50 up and running. First we fitted the new stator and set the points gap and then the timing. Next we reinstall the cylinder so that we had a good seal and torqued down the head bolts. Then we installed the intake, carb, and exhaust. Next we topped up with ATF oil. Then it was time to check the timing (120psi) and that we had a spark at the plug (we did). The E50 fired up almost straight away and with the new race crank it revs way higher than before. Only a couple more things to do before it goes for MOT