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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mudguard mount

Whilst my head is winging its way to M.A.D HQ I need to get this mud guard mounted. So went to a local garage and rummaged in the off cuts bin and found an ideal candidate. Measured the the old mount which was 400mm and the new one needed to be 500mm! Got out the marker and went to work. Also it's plated so no rust ideal! Just the cutting out now!

Tomos disk brake

While Sinclairio is waiting for a new cylinder head i thought i would take the opportunity to mock up the Honda Sky disk brake setup that im going to fit to my tomos. Unfortunately it means i will have to loose my grimeca front wheel. But its worth it for some decent stopping power. So i mounted the wheel and looks like with very little work and a home made calliper mount i should be able to make it work.

Monday, 14 May 2012

4 stroke Puch

So last week Cookson said I could use his magnum's 4 stroke motor as my E50 just keeps going wrong, been a bit lazy so forgive my late post. I pulled off the E50 and offered up the Honda C70.

So once it was on I need to sort the intake change the carb as it just wouldn't fit.

Also needed to remove some pegs as it was just ridiculous having four pegs one side and 3 on the other.

Need to get a more practical exhaust as Cookson's is M.A.D looking & noisily offensive. But man it's rad! Also going to put some mudguards so the Ste wheel doesn't just fill the air filter with cow pat pie juice! Bit of fabrication and the Tomos spare trims will fit.
Went out for M.A.D run 2 and bb lee my spark plug out from the head. Basically the butcher that Cookson bought it off must have cross threaded the hole. New head needed as it is cheaper than getting a heli-coil fitted!

This it actually feels like its 3 steps forward and only 1 step back.

Replacement clutch

Whilst on MAD run 2 the tomos became less and less able to shift into second gear. I bought half an A3 engine recently for the cluches. When i removed the current second gear clutch that i had resurfaced with leather it had disintegrated. I swapped out entire clutch mechanism from the spare engine but installed my stiffer clutch springs. Initial report is a much better shift but still some vibration.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

MAD run 2

Sinclairio and i finally got both our mopeds roadworthy so decided to go for a ride. In total we covered 25miles with the puch loosing various parts along the way including its chain, air filter and carb! We had a blast and the run only ended when the Honda motor on Sinclairio's puch shot its plug. Looking forward to another ride soon.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Picked up a Yamaha Passola

Bought my work mates Yamaha passola off him for £80! Bright yellow 50cc. Thought the missus could use it for work. And an old skool back up. Starts on first kick, it's so funny looking!