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Friday, 26 October 2012

Tomos A3 engine swap (Part 1)

Today I made a start on the first leg of swapping my old A3 engine for a rebuilt A35. So first off I removed the foot pegs and the chain. I think I may buy a new chain as mine is unusually oily. Next I removed the new Homoet pipe and noted the scratches and dents in the underside from wheeling it up and down the steps to my shed. I removed the carb and tied it up in a plastic back to keep it from getting dirty. I drained the oil and then decided it was time to remove the engine so I disconnected the electrics and undid the three bolts holding the motor on.

The only problem was that the petcock was preventing the motor from swing down and off the bike. So I had to drain a full tank off fuel before removing the petcock so I could get the engine off.

So next I moved the motor over to the work bench next to the A35 cases.

I need to transfer the 70cc Airsal kit off the A3 and onto the A35 but before I do that I want to case match the A35 to the Airsal kit as I didn't do this when I fitted the kit to the A3 and it should make the A35run a bit better.

Before I did this I just thought I would check the condition of the reed in my Malossi four petal reed block. It turns out that one petal was ever so slightly open so i will need to order a new reed.

I then realised I didn't have a 10mm deep well socket to remove the cylinder nuts so I will have to pick one up tomorrow.

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