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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tomos A3 engine swap (part5)

After discovering that the conrod was just touching the case i split the cases again and using a heatgun removed the crankshaft. When i inspected the cases there was a slight mark where the conrod was making contact. So i used my rotary tool to remove a tiny amount of material from the case.
I then installed the crankshaft and bolted the cases together and it now spins freely!
Next i installed the gears and clutch mechanism and bolted on the right engine cover. I then attached the kickstart mechanism to make sure the engine turned over as it should. It did, so i added the correct amount of engine oil.
Next i removed the flywheel and stator from the A3 engine as i will use this stator until i can figure out which electronic ignition to get.

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