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Monday, 29 April 2013

Mudguard back on!

Managed to get the Mudguard or "fendooor" if your American  back on. Wasted an hour making a new bracket, only to realise I had the old one still from the rear, painful!!! So I got it mounted, fidley ass job! MOT on Wednesday.


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Trail Tech temperature gauge mount

Today I fabricated a mount for my Trail Tech out of aluminium. I also left space on the mount for a tachometer.
Here is a video showing the temp gauage working.

Trail Tech temperature gauge

My temperature gauge has arrived from Trail Tech. This one is for the Tomos as it has the 14mm spark plug adapter. I'll order another one for the peugeot soon which can be spliced into the radiator hose.

Dellorto 90 degree angle cable kit

As the PHBG is going to be reasonably close the the frame I thought I would change the cable guides from upright to 90 degree angle.

19mm Dellorto PHBG and jets

With a new kit on the way for the Peugeot I thought I had better upgrade to a 19mm PHBG carburettor. I found this one on the french ebay and it even came with a filter. It uses the same main jets as my SHA carb but I needed some larger sized jets so I ordered a bunch.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Peugeot Vogue Radiator

Ive ordered an Airsal 70cc watercooled cylinder kit for the Peugeot so I thought I had better get hold of a radiator. I found this one on ebay and it was pretty cheap it does have a slight dent in it but is water tight. So now I have until my new kit arrives to work out how to mount it.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Stand is back from the welder.

It's a bit crude atm but once it's through the mot i'll tittervate it. It's a good length longer 50mm. But it looks good on so... I rode up to the test center and it was shut??! So no mot this week!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tomos ignition testing

I took the tomos out this morning to test the new ignition and to see if I  had solved the stuttering under acceleration problem. It seems to now be running perfectly with great acceleration and smooth gear changes. Plug is looking good too a nice chocolate brown. Heres a few shots while I was out and about.

Sunday, 14 April 2013


Been watching Duck Dynasty, hey, so I thought...................... "I wonder if you cold go hunting on a moped, hey?"

Googled it!

Even better, hey, mopeds, women & Guns!!!!

New Paoili hydraulic forks fitted

So today we got the forks fitted and wheel back on, also fitted the bing on as I want to test it's low end capabilities and the performance difference. So these forks are definitely better, bigger but heavier also. The ride should be smoother so I'm pleased with the overall purchase. For €60/£51/ $78's delivered they were a eBay bargain, French eBay certainly has come up trumps with these puppies!
The front mud guard or "fendooor" if your American is going to need to fabrication to get it re-fitted as the aren't any mounting options apart from the god awful look of having it like a mud plucking scrabbler.

Test run and MOT next

Cheers Cookson

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tomos ignition

Since I installed the rebuild engine on my tomos I havent taken it out much but when I did i noticed a slight stutter under throttle and I was convinced it was a problem with my stator which was the only old thing I used on my rebuilt engine. Now recently I upgraded Sinclairios bike to HPI and he said I could use his almost new points stator on my tomos. The only thing I wanted to keep was my 12volt lighting coil. I swapped that onto his stator and installed it on the tomos and set the timing. It fired up first kick but I will have to wait for a dry day to see if this has solved the problem.
New stator is on the left.

Peugeot Vogue cracked exhaust 2

So today I removed the cracked exhaust so I could assess the damage. It turns out thats its alot worse than I thought so ive ordered a Simonini circuit pipe. I temporarily fitted the stock pipe until the new one arrives.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Paioli hydraulic forks arrived!

Bought some new hydraulic forks to replace the crappy stock Puch ones. Few others bits needed, but I'm really pleased got them for €60 delivered from France! Bargain

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Peugeot Vogue cracked exhaust.

I got out today for another ride for about fifteen miles and met sinclairio who rode his Puch for a bit but was having problems with an intake leak. The Vogue was performing much better than the previous day as it wasnt running so rich so i think the jetting must be just about right and got up to a respectable 38mph on the flat. Unfortunately on the way home my exhaust developed a terminal crack so looks like I will have to go back to the stock pipe until I can get something else.

Peugeot Vogue stock carb jetting 2

So yesterday I took the Vogue out with the large jet that I found in the spare carb. It was definitely running way rich and would 4stroke when I reached 26mph. But its low end was much more resposive and had no problem getting up all the hills. When I got back I checked the jet to confirm that it was running rich. So then what I needed was a jet of a size between that of the two jets I have. So I took the small jet and drilled it slightly larger. I will keep testing and enlarging until I get it just right.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Peugeot Vogue stock carb jetting

So this evening I established that the Vogue was running lean by checking the plug and also the fact that I wouldnt idle without the choke. I pulled out my spares engine which has the same gurtner carb but this one had a bigger jet. Only problem was it was way bigger. After cleaning out the jet I installed it and the bike will now idle. Its boggy top end but thats to be expected if im running too rich but at least its safe. Test ride tomorrow.