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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tomos disc brake 5

This evening I broke down the old Tomos front end. I removed the front tyre and installed in on my new front wheel. The front end is now complete! I started installing it onto the frame but ran out of time tonight. As you can see the forks look too long compared to the old ones so I will need to slide the tubes up into the yokes until it sits at the right height. More to follow tomorrow.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Tomos disc brake 4

This evening I made the caliper mount out of a piece of angle iron. I had to do a bit of grinding to make it fit properly but was pretty straight forward. I still need to add a few washers to get it lined up properly. Next I'll bleed the brake and fit the tyre.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tomos disc brake 3

Today I offered up the caliper to the disc rotor and was able to slip a bolt through the existing bracket. Im planning on cutting a piece of metal (shown in red) to bolt between the existing bracket and mounting holes on the fork leg. This will hold the caliper in the correct possition.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tomos disc brake 2

Today I was working on the disc brake for the Tomos. My goal was to get the wheel centred on the forks without anything rubbing. I used some washers and spacers to get the wheel centred but the the disc rubbed on fork leg and so did the nuts holding it on. This was due to the disc not being flat but offset. I decided to flip the disc so it would be closer to the wheel and also reversed its nuts and bolts because the bolt heads were 2mm shallower than the nuts. I put it all back togther but still needed to grind the fork leg slightly to give the bolts heads extra clearence. Its all straight and runs smooth with no rubbing. Next is to make the caliper mount and fit the tyre.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Tomos axle

My new axle arrived today it has a 12mm shaft with 10mm threaded ends.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Av10 arrived

Took delivery of a Av10 from France today, which was bought on French eBay. Pleased I've got it, by all accounts it's the one to have. Heard a lot of good stuff from watching tomohawk tuning post on YouTube. This is going to be a long project but it's a huge step in the right direction.

Tomos disc brake

Today I got the disc mounted to the Tomos wheel. First I used the rear sprocket spacer to mark on the disc where the new holes had to be drilled. Then I drilled the holes which took absolutely ages. Once id finished drilling I used M7 bolts with nylock nuts to bolt it to my old rear wheel which is now my front wheel. Next I need to order a 12mm axle and make a bracket to mount the caliper.

Peugeot Airsal 70cc H20 kit

Today after months of waiting my new kit arrived for my Peugeot Vogue.

Monday, 12 August 2013

New chain, 28T sprocket

Now that ive finished building the new rear wheel with sealed bearings and 20T sprocket. I thought it upgrade the stock 26T front sprocket to either a 31T or 28T. The 31T wouldnt fit as the chain rubbed on the flywheel. It'll have to wait until I upgrade to hpi which has a smaller flywheel. I installed the 28T sprocket and flywheel cover. I had to make a new kickstart stop as the old one broke. So its ready for a test ride and then I'll start to build up the new front end.

Thursday, 8 August 2013


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New brake cable & Delortto intake

After years of missing about with an old brake cable I thought I'd treat the Puch to £6 a new cable. "Why didn't I do it earlier....?"

The intake was bought from YVPS the least catch'iest name of a Moped online stores. The site is shocking couldn't put a decent description of any of the items. So with that in mind I had to blind buy something as I had no idea what size it wad going to be. It turns out it's a 19mm internal for a 19mm Dellortto PHGB. Luckily cookson has a 17 & 19. So gotby to strap a 19 on it and update the carb from the stock Bing to the 19mm Dellorto.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mopeds at Dawn has a new member!

Molly Rose has joined the clan. Congratulations to Sinclairio and his wife Donna shes a beauty!