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Saturday, 12 October 2013

New Polini 2 petal reed intake for AV10

The AV10 hasn't been forgotten about and too the Motorbecane. I'm slowly collecting pieces together to one day assemble all of it. This week we @M.A.D have taken delivery of a Polini intake and reed block ready for the AV10. Not even fired the engine up or even fitted it to the bike as there is no point at the moment. I'd imagine that if I were, the engine, even though it does variate it would be slower than a week in prison! Well in comparison to what i'd like it to be. The dual reed block is surely better, but i do believe there is a quad petal which gives you more of a kick in the grunt! This however is a cool addition to the moped. Moped Porn below!

The AV10, Naughty!
The Pleasure Kit!
Inserted, Erected & Awaiting To Be Mounted!

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