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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Peugeot Vogue 70cc H2O kit

Today I decided to start installing the watercooled 70cc airsal kit on the Peugeot Vogue. Everything seemed to be included in the kit apart from a base gasket but luckily I had a spare.
Long story short I disassembled the old cylinder and started to install the new kit when for some stupid reason I managed to brake one of the piston rings!!! I'll have to put that part of the build on hold until the new rings arrive.


  1. by the looks of that head you could mill out more of cast. I know you don't have a milling machine but a higher a volume of water a cooler head equals more power!

  2. I see what your saying but if you did that you would be removing the sealing surfaces and may cause it to leak.