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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dual variated swingarm

As the engine if off the peugeot and im waiting for piston rings I thought id have a look at mounting the dual variated swingarm. First I had to remove the old rigid swing arm and the large drive pully with peddle shaft. Next I removed the kick stand and found that there was an identical mounting point on the new swing arm for it. Finally I offered up the swing arm. I will need to cut the part of the frame that the kick stand was mounted to in order for it to fit.
So next I just have to cut the frame down, buy an extended pivot bolt to mount the front and a set of rear shocks for the back and it should be ready.


  1. Could this be the most exciting modification yet on Mopeds At Dawn? Just waiting on the 103 SP frame to arrive so i can switch all the stuff across from the Vogue!!