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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Helicoil Heaven

Helicoil Heaven

 So this morning I woke up with one thing on my mind, getting this head fixed. so the kit arrived yesterday and so there was nothing stopping me.

I drilled it out & tapped it with the new tap from the kit ready for the helicoil insert

the tapping was easy actually steel in alloy works like a hot knife through butter. i used the insertion tool and it worked.... like i ever doubted it...

 Only downside of the kit, was the magnetic tool supplied to break off the nubbing thingy broke straight away.... obviously no expense spared in the making of this tool.
put the head back on, carb, exhaust etc and it started on the first kick #goodtimes a rolling....


  1. Awesome! Wish we had bought them in the first place!

  2. ha! did the same thing to my c70 yesterday! twinnsie!

  3. Did you run into any problems installing yours?