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Monday, 18 June 2012

Early morning ride

After the first ride with the new Homoet pipe i needed to adjust the carb as the bike was a bit boggy low end. I lowered the needle one notch and now its perfect. I got out this morning early and rode for a couple of hours as the weather was so nice. The tomos now has crazy acceleration when the pipe hits at 30mph and took me to 50mph.

I ran into a problem after about an hour of riding that one of the bolts holding the rear sprocket on worked its way loose and the nut that was inside the drum rattled around inside until it jammed the brake shoe and locked the back wheel. Luckily i had all the tools i needed with me so removed the back wheel and took the brake drum apart to remove the nut. After resembling the back end i was able to ride home but the rear sprocket will need some attention.

Here's the culprit that nearly scat me off! 


  1. Brilliant, bush mechanic boy! How far did you go?

  2. Well i set off from mine and went across the a30 and backroads all the way to millpool. Then in a big loop north and then back to Marazion where the rear wheel locked and i took the photo then through gulval and back to mine. Was a awesome ride! I think im going to need some new sprocket nuts and bolts.