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Sunday, 8 January 2012

So today Sinclairio and I disassembled the Colibri for parts. I wanted the engine and wiring loom as it has 12v electrics and the Wheels are going on Sinclairio's  puch.

 So we now have a massive box of spares if anyone needs anything let us know.

Here are the wheels, they just need a little cleaning up. Check out that rear tire its a 2.75!!

Heres the Puch before...


....and after. SWEET!!

It was missing something so we dug out the drop bars
and its looking good.


  1. love the new look, definitely going to put some rear pegs on it!

  2. Ebay mate! get some black bmx ones.

  3. The Puch is looking good. Regarding the Tomos, let me know about the complete forks and if you have a dead straight & usable A3 frame.

  4. sup dudes, still have those colibri spare parts layin around??