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Saturday, 28 January 2012

The puch city lives!!!

So this morning Sinclairio and i started work on his city. We had a few things to do mainly installing the new piston.

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Here it is installed in the cylinder. I used my new ring compressor which made it very easy.

Once the cylinder was bolted back on with the new piston inside we checked the compression
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Next we cleaned out the carb and installed that.

We then decided to put the old wheels back on as we had a few problems with the larger ones mounting correctly. Then we installed the Technigas exhaust.

And finally here it is running!!


  1. I have a Puch City (1982)with no manual or any idea how to restore it.
    Does anyone know any dealers near Chester who might be able to help?

  2. The Puch City is a great bike. Myself and Sinclairio have spent a lot of time working on his City. Any motorcycle/scooter shop will be able to get you ped running for you but to be honest it much more fun doing it yourself. The Puch City is actually quite rare so u won't find much info online about fixing them. But puch also made another model called the Freespirit, which is almost identical and the only major difference being that the freespirit has larger wheels (17). So you could start by trying to get a Freespirit workshop manual. The engine you have on your bike is a single speed kickstart version on the E50 motor. The same engine as on the single speed puch maxi. There is tonnes of info available on this engine. Have a look at the moped army forums about the freespirit ad theres loads of good info there. Alteratively just let us know what problems your having and I'm sure we have delt with them in the past and we can advise you what to do.
    Thanks for visiting mopeds at dawn, cookson.