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Saturday, 21 January 2012

12v lighting conversion

Today i removed the 12v lighting coil from the A35

Here's the A35 stator with 12v lighting coil.

Here is the 12v lighting coil

All i need to do is swap the one on the left for the one on the right (A3 stator with 6v coils)

Unfortunately the 12v coil only has one yellow wire connected and the 6v coil has 2 a yellow and a green one.

Ok so here i have removed the old 6v coils and unravelled the green and yellow wires ready to install the new 12v coil and run its yellow wire up and out the top.
The old coils are connected to the ignition coil with this little wire.

So i dont know what im suppose to do with this little wire??

I started a thread on Moped Army to find out:

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