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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dual variated swingarm 2

This evening was the first opportunity ive had to work on the bikes since I got back from holiday. I started by cleaning the frame that Tomahawk sent me. Next I installed the dual variated swing arm which bolted straight onto the 103sp frame. Then I fitted the paioli rear shocks that I found on french ebay. When I offered up the rear wheel I realised that the shocks are a bit on the long side. They will be ok for the minute as im not sure how much ground clearance I will need for the exhaust anyway. The rear mud guard will need new holes drilling as they dont match with the new frame but I probably wont install the mud guards until I have the bike up and running. The next thing to do is remove the complete front end from the vogue and install it on the 103 frame. Then I will be able to package up the vogue frame and ship it to Tomahawk.

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