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Thursday, 8 August 2013

New brake cable & Delortto intake

After years of missing about with an old brake cable I thought I'd treat the Puch to £6 a new cable. "Why didn't I do it earlier....?"

The intake was bought from YVPS the least catch'iest name of a Moped online stores. The site is shocking couldn't put a decent description of any of the items. So with that in mind I had to blind buy something as I had no idea what size it wad going to be. It turns out it's a 19mm internal for a 19mm Dellortto PHGB. Luckily cookson has a 17 & 19. So gotby to strap a 19 on it and update the carb from the stock Bing to the 19mm Dellorto.

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  1. Actually I have a 15, 17, and 19mm PHBG ;-)