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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Puch gearing

I messed about with my chain and could only fit a 12 front sprocket on. So on the last run I had a 12x45 set up. This was amazing in the hills in the Kernow but killed the top end cruising speed, 30mph cruise 34/35 top end. I bought a new chain and installed a 14x45. This instantly added 5mph to the cruising top end. Yesterday I put a 15 on so 15x45 and hit 40mph this doesn't sound fast but on a mid range biturbo pipe and a stock 15mm Bing too end adjustments are fiddly to achieve. I'm a big guy so it's a fine balance between top end & being able to get up the hills, the hills around here are pretty big! Next will be a 16! I'm hoping this will be it cruising at 40mph and still able to cope with the hills with me on board.
The pic is making use of my house mates tressells, Nice!

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