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Sunday, 5 May 2013

M.A.D. run 3

Its been quite a while since the last M.A.D run but at last both Sinclairio and i  have running, and road legal mopeds! We decided to go bigger than the last time so the aim was to ride to Lands End and back in a big loop via the coast road.

This is our anti clockwise route. The following are shots taken on the way
So we made it to Lands End with no breakdowns or problems apart from Sinclairios numberplate almost fell off.
Mousehole harbour

We made it to Newlyn but this is when i had my first problem. The bolts holding on my rear sprocket had worked their way loose which caught on the swing arm and locked the back wheel. I had to make a road side repair and one of the nuts was completely bent. I manged to get it back together with just three bolts and we made our way to Marazion.
We stopped overlooking St Michaels Mount for an Ice cream. My rear sprocket seemed to be ok and the three remaining bolts looked tight.
On our final leg of the journey my rear sprocket finally broke loose locking the back wheel and breaking the chain.
 I used Sinclairios bike to ride the last mile to pick up my truck so we could load both bike to get us home. All in all an amazing ride and im looking forward to another one once i get my Tomos fixed or i may even use the Peugeot.

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