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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Puch City after engine rebuild!

Sinclairio and i both had today off so it was time to get the Puch City with its rebuilt E50 up and running. First we fitted the new stator and set the points gap and then the timing. Next we reinstall the cylinder so that we had a good seal and torqued down the head bolts. Then we installed the intake, carb, and exhaust. Next we topped up with ATF oil. Then it was time to check the timing (120psi) and that we had a spark at the plug (we did). The E50 fired up almost straight away and with the new race crank it revs way higher than before. Only a couple more things to do before it goes for MOT



  1. Mate that was awesome today, look at what can be achieved when there is no surf?!

  2. I know, it wasn't all that hard was it.

  3. Great vid. Just got my murray puch e50 completely rusted. Starting the rebuild. Does anyone know if the wheel bearings sealed or loose?

  4. Hi, Thanks for your comment. Do you have the chrome spoked wheels or the alloy mag wheels? what year is you maxi?

    I am almost certain it will have loose wheel bearings so be very careful when you take it apart as the bearings can go everywhere. It is pretty easy to convert them to sealed bearings but you may need to buy new axles.

    Treatland will probably have what you need: