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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

M.A.D get a new ped!!!(to pull apart)

Wohooo new ped will be collected on friday!

A5 Colibri was primarily designed to replace the aging A3 Automatic. First series was presented in 1988. Everything on the moped was developed from scratch with a strong emphasis on styling and modern technical solutions. A connection between Italian designer Giugiaro and Tomos™ has been established and from this corporation a completely new bodywork and detail design emerged. On the technical side Tomos™ development team designed a new engine attached to a swinging arm monoblock, which also supports inlet and exhaust components and the rear wheel with fender. It's connected to a motorcycle-style square tube frame by a monoshock suspension.
Ergonomic and user-friendly features like the seat locking and height adjustment, helmet locking, flat foot rest, foldable turning signals, rain deflectors, grab bar and conveniently located fuel valve were also incorporated into the design. Handling was improved by wider wheel base, which made moped more stable at high speeds.

For engine spec go to http://twowheelers.tripod.com/TA5.html

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  1. hows your colibri coming? you mentioned you were pulling it apart, are you interested in getting rid of your plastic covers / fairings?